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Send bulk emails, schedule email campaigns, mail merge and much more with ease!
Save TIME & MONEY now with GMass!

Only takes minutes

GMass is fully compatible with Gmail, and can be installed as a Chrome Extension with ease. Click HERE to head over to the website and click on the "Add to Gmail" button in the top right to get started!
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A few clicks and you're all set

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Easy to learn

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Many useful features

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Saves you time and money​


Everything you need

Send mass cold emails, schedule email campaigns, customize email contents by mail merging with Google Sheet. There's nothing GMass cannot do. 
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Bulk Emails

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Schedule Email Campaigns

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Mail merge with Google Sheets

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Track Email Opens/Replies

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Follow-up Emails

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Spam Blocker

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SMTP Integration

Level up your business today
with GMass

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