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Is GMass Worth It: Features, Reviews & Pricing Plans

Are you searching for an effective email marketing solution that seamlessly integrates with Gmail? Look no further than GMass.

What is GMass?

GMass is a powerful mass email and mail merge tool designed specifically for Gmail users. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, this revolutionary tool transforms Gmail into a comprehensive platform for cold outreach, email marketing, and mail merge campaigns.

With GMass, you can personalise your emails at scale, schedule emails for optimal delivery, track and review crucial metrics like open and click-through rates and even set up automated follow-ups. It also provides a seamless experience for managing contact lists, importing data from Google Sheets, and tailoring your messages to specific segments.


Beyond that, GMass offers an intuitive user experience for individuals with varying technical proficiency levels. Seamlessly integrating with Gmail, one will be able to leverage a familiar platform for various email marketing efforts. Whether you're a solopreneur, a small business owner, or part of a larger marketing team, GMass is able to cater to varying email marketing needs.

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What Are the Key Features of GMass?


Behaviour-Based Email Campaigns with GMail

With GMass, you can send follow-up mail merge campaigns to maintain a seamless and personalised communication flow and review recipient behaviour to tailor your email strategy effectively. By utilising GMass’ behavioural segments like Sent, Opened, Clicked, and more, new campaigns can be sent based on actions your contacts have taken on previous campaigns to enhance engagement and increase response rates. In addition, GMass enables you to conduct various types of email campaigns, including bulk emails, mass emails, and cold emails, and send the same email to your desired email list while making each recipient feel like they are the only one receiving it.


Schedule Mass Emails

With GMass, scheduling mass emails has never been easier. Boasting a suite of extremely powerful scheduling tools, customise email campaigns by setting specific time intervals between each email, ensuring optimal timing for your recipients. Additionally, GMass allows for the scheduling of recurring reminder emails at your desired frequency. Using intelligent timing to ensure all emails go out on schedule simplifies your email management and eliminates hassle. GMass even enables you to schedule mail merges, a powerful tool for personalising and automating your email communications.


Mail Merge with Google Sheets

With GMass’ Google Sheets integration, you can easily customise your emails with tailored information, making each email sound personal and professional. Whether it's automatically sending emails when adding new contacts to your spreadsheet or tracking campaign success with data written back to your Google Sheets, this seamless integration empowers you to personalise every aspect of your emails effortlessly.


Automatic Follow-Up Emails

Say goodbye to manual follow-ups with GMass’ automated follow-up system. This incredibly robust and easy-to-use feature is ideal for time-constrained individuals who are unable to manually follow up with everyone via email and want to boost their response rates. Employing GMass’ auto follow-up feature offers flexibility to automatically send up to eight stages of follow-up emails to each contact on your list, tailored to their level of engagement, ensuring that you stay persistent and maximise your chances of eliciting a response.


Build Your Own Mailing Lists

GMass makes it effortless to create customised mailing lists using its Gmail List Builder feature. If you already have pre-existing Gmail labels, simply input the label into the search bar, and GMass will generate a mailing list comprising all the contacts from that label. This quick and convenient function streamlines the process of compiling personalised mailing lists.

Other Features – Everything you need

GMass also offers a range of other useful functionalities. One of these includes a Reply Management system to automatically sort your responses and spot real replies versus auto-responders, advanced personalisation options. 


GMass also makes it possible for users to quickly access, analyse, compare and share the key results from campaigns with the GMass Reporting feature and brings your visions of personalising mass emails with its various personalisation tools like the GMass Mail Merge Personalisation feature.


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Why Should You Get GMass for Your Business?

So, what makes GMass worth it for businesses? 

A Unified Platform for Diverse Campaigns

GMass is the ultimate email platform that seamlessly combines the power of email marketing and cold emailing, making it the go-to digital marketing platform for businesses worldwide. Unlike other tools focusing on only one aspect, GMass seamlessly spans both categories. This means that it allows you to send well-designed HTML newsletters to an extensive recipient list and run personalised cold email campaigns with automated follow-ups.

Seamless Integration with Gmail

One of GMass’ standout features is its seamless integration with Gmail. This integration means there's no learning curve associated with new software. GMass operates within the familiar interface of Gmail, utilising its robust deliverability rates and formatting options. The result is a streamlined process for managing and launching campaigns, saving you valuable time and resources.

Enhanced Email Deliverability

GMass goes the extra mile to ensure your email campaigns reach their intended inboxes. By managing your sending volumes, adjusting sending speeds, and handling bounce notifications, GMass effectively circumvents Gmail's sending limits. This capability allows you to extend your outreach without the fear of hitting sending caps, thus maximising the impact of your email marketing efforts.

Personalisation at Scale

The majority of GMass users consistently experience exceptional deliverability rates, surpassing their previous email marketing results. This is because, with GMass, you can personalise every aspect of your emails effortlessly. From custom tracking links with SSL to supporting the ability to embed images, you can create mass emails that feel personalised and indistinguishable from one-on-one emails.

Streamlined Campaign Management

GMass empowers businesses to achieve better results and streamline their email campaigns with its innovative features, such as one-click reply management and quick setup automation, saving you time and helping you send more effective campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Gmass

Understanding the advantages and limitations of GMass is crucial if you’re considering this tool for your email marketing needs.


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Seamless Gmail Integration: GMass’ integration with Gmail makes it incredibly user-friendly, allowing for easy adoption and utilisation within an existing workflow.

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Versatility in Campaign Management: The ability to handle both mass and personalised email campaigns makes GMass a flexible tool for various marketing strategies.

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Advanced Personalisation: GMass’ advanced personalisation features ensure that each email feels tailored to your list of recipients, increasing engagement and response rates.

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Efficient Campaign Optimisation: With features like automatic follow-ups and detailed analytics, GMass can help you optimise your campaigns for better results.



Dependence on Gmail: GMass’ functionality is heavily tied to Gmail, which might limit its use for businesses reliant on other email platforms.


Learning Curve: Despite its user-friendly nature, the vast array of features and capabilities might require some time to master fully.


Potential for Overuse: The ease of sending mass emails can lead to overuse, risking email fatigue on your recipients if not managed carefully.

By offering a comprehensive suite of features that cater to both mass and personalised email campaigns, GMass presents itself as a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their email marketing efforts. However, understanding its limitations is crucial to ensure it aligns with your business' specific needs and email marketing strategy.

GMass Reviews by Happy Users

Discover why businesses worldwide are raving about GMass and its powerful email marketing capabilities. See how GMass has transformed their email campaigns and elevated their communication strategies.

GMass Pricing Plan

GMass offers flexible pricing options tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Choose from three plans: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. The Premium Plan provides the choice between an Individual Plan and a Team Plan, catering to teams of 5 users up to 100 users. Additionally, you have the flexibility to opt for monthly or annual payment terms, allowing you to select the payment option that aligns best with your budget and requirements.

Why Should I Get My GMass Subscription via Nara Solutions?

When you obtain your GMass subscription through Nara Solutions, you gain access to exclusive benefits. Nara Solutions is committed to providing tailored marketing solutions, and by purchasing through our platform, you can enjoy special discounts and personalised support to optimise your GMass experience.


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GMass is fully compatible with Gmail and can easily be installed as a Chrome Extension. Click HERE to head over to the website, and click the “Add to Gmail” button in the top right to get started!

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Many useful features

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Saves you time and money​


So, Is GMass Really Worth It?

Absolutely! GMass offers a user-friendly interface, robust features, and competitive pricing. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a marketing professional, GMass can revolutionise your email marketing efforts and deliver excellent results. With its seamless integration with Gmail, behavioural-based campaigns, and comprehensive reporting, GMass is undoubtedly worth the investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About GMass

  • Why should I get my marketing software solutions from Nara Solutions?
    Nara Solutions is a trusted provider of marketing software solutions for SMEs in Singapore. Recognising the diverse needs of SMEs, Nara Solutions curates a selection of top-tier digital marketing platforms, each carefully reviewed and recommended based on their robust capabilities, user-friendly interface, and proven results. By choosing Nara Solutions, you're not only saving valuable time and effort in researching and comparing different options, but also gaining access to some of the best digital marketing software Singapore has on the market. This means you can confidently focus on implementing your marketing strategies to drive your business growth. Whether you're looking for an email marketing tool like GMass, or AI writing tools like Writesonic and Scalenut, Nara Solutions has the marketing tool just for you!
  • What types of marketing software do SMEs in Singapore need?
    SMEs in Singapore require a wide spectrum of marketing software to effectively navigate the competitive digital landscape. From email marketing tools that automate communication and enhance customer engagement, project management software that ensures efficient collaboration and timely project completion, to content creation platforms powered by AI for producing engaging content, and landing page builders designed for optimised conversions – the choice of marketing software is diverse and depends on your specific business needs and goals. As such, it is recommended to opt for marketing software solutions in Singapore that offer a comprehensive range of tools tailored to support your business's growth.
  • How much do marketing software solutions cost?
    The cost of marketing software subscriptions, including the best ones, varies widely based on features, capabilities, and the service provider. Plans can range from $14.99/month (Frase's Solo) to $249/month (GrowthBar's Agency). The enhanced content quality, consistency, and productivity that AI writing contributes can make these costs a viable investment for many businesses in Singapore
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