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A GMass-ive Win for You

If you own a business, manage a newsletter service or simply work in an industry that requires you to send out emails to hundreds of people daily, GMass is the solution for you! GMass is an email marketing software that will make sending out emails as easy as 1, 2, 3. In this article, we will be exploring the main features that GMass offers and how it can help propel your business to the next level.

Ajay Goel, Founder of GMass

Before we dive in, here's a quick introduction into the origins of GMass. All you short attention-spanned apes can skip this part. Founded in 2015 by Ajay Goel, GMass is an email sending software fully compatible with Gmail. Ajay graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a Degree in Computer Science back in 1998, and proceeded to jump-start his career with JangoMail, his first company. Since then, he's had over 20 years of experience in developing email sending software.

Installing GMass is extremely straightforward. Simply navigate to their website (Click here) and add GMass as a Chrome extension using the red button on the top right of the site. This adds a couple things to your Gmail, your very own big red button when composing an email, as well as multiple labels/folders that will help you organize your email tracking, follow-ups and reports. Now before further ado, let's dive into the features.


Feature 1: Email Campaigns

Email campaigns, bulk emails, mass emails, cold emails, call them what you want. This feature allows you to send the same email to your desired email list, but the catch is that all your recipients would think that they are the only ones that have received the email. GMass also has the capability to have your emails go out as replies to the last conversation you had with each recipient, instead of a new message.

Feature 2: Schedule Emails

Schedule email campaigns with customizable fields such as setting a specific time period between the sending of each email. You could even send out recurring reminder emails at your desired time frame. This function will change your life, and save you SO much hassle. And guess what, that's not it. You can even schedule mail merges. Don't know what mail merges are? Read on to find out.

Feature 3: Mail Merge

Customize every part of your email simply by linking to Google Sheets. Now you can send cold emails with tailored information to make every email sound personal and professional. Check out this official blog by GMass on detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set up your very own mail merge.

Feature 4: Auto Follow-up Emails

This feature is for my fellow lazy folks. Why follow-up personally when GMass can do it for you? Also, why simply be persistent when you can be annoying. Make sure you get that reply from your clients/employees with the auto follow-up function.

Feature 5: Build Your Own Mailing Lists

Already have pre-existing Gmail labels? Simply input that label into your search bar, and GMass will create a mailing list consisting of ALL the contacts from that label for you! This function is quick and convenient, and if you are looking for easy ways to compile your own customized mailing lists, this is definitely the way to go.


Now that we have gone through all our favorite features, it's time to discuss about the only topic on your mind right now, is it free? If you're looking to integrate GMass into a medium or large scale company, then of course not, you dummy. On the other hand, if you're looking to try out some of these features for yourself or for a small scale entrepreneurial business, then GMass is completely free to use.

If you have mailing lists of 50 or more contacts, you should look to subscribing for a standard plan at $19.95/month. This will give you access to unlimited contacts together with all the basic features that will gear you up to conquer the world one email at a time. If you want something slightly more serious and suitable for a medium sized corporation, then our recommendation would be the premium plan at $29.95/month. This plan comes with more advanced features such as A/B testing as well as the recently released spam solver. Trust us, they are definitely worth the penny.

Here's how GMass compares to other similar technology. Compared to its close competitors like Sendinblue and MailChimp, GMass triumps over the others solely on the fact that it is fully integrated into Gmail, which provides convenience and efficiency. That's right, you won't have to sit in on a 50 hour long meeting on new technology being implemented into the company and how to use them bla bla bla. With GMass, you can expect to hit your ROI at a faster rate, especially with its affordable pricing which is far lower than most email marketing software on the market today. Some downsides are in the domain of user support, where high-priority support is only available in the Enterprise package, which is priced at $49.95/month. So if you are a corporation that deals with time-sensitive operations, definitely go the extra mile and fork out some extra pennies for the most expensive package.

YAY, We've come to the end of the article! Still don't know whether GMass is for you or not? Fret not, you can check out their official website for yourself here. Think twice before making a decision!

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