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Best AI Writing Assistant Tools for SMEs in Singapore

In the digitally driven world of today, AI content generators are reshaping the landscape of content creation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to large organisations alike. Businesses in Singapore are embracing these innovative copywriting tools, leveraging their efficiency and transforming their marketing strategies.

What is AI Copywriting?

In essence, AI copywriting is a sophisticated blend of advanced machine learning algorithms, natural language processing (NLP), and a rich data bank of existing content.


Think of it as a diligent student, absorbing a wide range of data, learning patterns and structures, and then using this newfound knowledge to generate compelling and coherent text. This is the underlying principle of AI writing assistant tools in Singapore that are becoming increasingly pivotal for businesses.


What to Look Out for When Choosing the Best AI Content Writing Software in Singapore?

Choosing the right AI tool involves considering several key factors:

Types of content it can generate

The best among AI content writing software in Singapore stands out due to their ability to generate a vast array of content types. From captivating landing pages and SEO-optimised blog posts to succinct product descriptions, these versatile tools cater to diverse business needs and audience preferences.

User interface

A user-friendly and intuitive interface is crucial in ensuring seamless navigation through the platform and effective use of its varied features. It's like having a well-organised toolbox where you can quickly find and utilise the tool you need, thereby maximising productivity.

SEO features

With functionalities such as keyword suggestions and SERP analysis, your chosen tool should not only enhance your content's SEO strength but also provide insights into your competitors' strategies, ensuring you're always one step ahead.

Customisation options

Personalisation is a powerful tool in content creation, enabling SMEs to engage with their audience effectively. Hence, a good AI content generator should offer customisation options, allowing tweaks in language style, tone, and other content elements to craft text that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

Here are the Best AI Content Generators for SMEs in Singapore

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1. Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses in planning, researching, creating, and optimising content for SEO. 

It offers a guided writing workflow designed to create blogs at scale, and also provides AI-guided recommendations to optimise articles for SERP with NLP and keyword usage recommendations.

Multi-Language Support: No, Scalenut lacks multi-language support. However, they are reportedly working on adding additional languages, including German, Spanish, Italian, and Indonesian.

Integration: Yes, Scalenut offers integration with WordPress, Semrush, and Copyscape.

SEO Optimisation: Yes, Scalenut provides features like keyword identification, search term organisation, SEO-friendly content briefs, and real-time SEO scoring for content optimisation.

Free Trial: Yes, Scalenut offers three pricing plans, all of which comes with a free trial of 7 days. Scalenut's free trial offers users an array of valuable resources, including 2,000 AI-generated words, two comprehensive SEO reports, and access to over 40 AI tools designed to enhance your digital content strategy.

Pricing Plans: Scalenut presents a range of three pricing plans: the Essential plan costs $39 per month, the Growth plan is priced at $79 per month, and the Pro plan is available for $149 per month. Additionally, custom plans are available to accommodate the specialised requirements of large organisations.

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2. Get Response

GetResponse is packed with a multitude of features that make it a valuable AI writing assistant tool for SMEs in Singapore seeking to improve their online visibility and engagement.

This AI content generator caters to various areas of online marketing, such as email marketing, landing pages, popups and forms, as well as marketing automation.

Multi-Language Support: Yes, for businesses operating in multiple markets, GetResponse offers multilingual support. This allows you to generate content for different languages, ensuring that you reach your audience effectively, no matter where they are.

Integration: Yes, GetResponse can integrate with various other platforms to provide a comprehensive marketing solution. This includes Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, and WooCommerce.

SEO Optimisation: No, however, you can use GetResponse’s Website Builder editor to integrate SEO details into your website’s settings.

Free Trial: Yes, GetResponse offers a comprehensive free trial for businesses, supporting 500 contacts. It includes 2,500 monthly newsletters, one landing page with a 1,000 visitor limit, and a Website Builder for creating a fully-featured website. Additionally, it allows domain connection and features signup forms and popups.

Pricing Plans: GetResponse's “Email Marketing” plan, priced at $19 per month, focuses on foundational audience development tools. “Marketing Automation” at $59 per month, facilitates targeted email strategies while “Ecommerce Marketing” available for $119 per month, encompasses key tools for comprehensive online product promotion.

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3. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign serves as an all-encompassing digital marketing hub, boasting features like email marketing, automation, and customer relationship management (CRM), among others. Its robust capabilities aid Singapore's SMEs in optimising marketing processes and enhancing customer interactions. By facilitating the crafting of tailored customer journeys, ActiveCampaign can elevate marketing results.

Multi-Language Support: Yes, ActiveCampaign offers support in 15 languages including English, Spanish, and French, and partial support for five others such as Simplified Chinese and Turkish, catering to a diverse global user base.

Integration: Yes, ActiveCampaign integrates with 930+ apps, including Shopify and Facebook, allowing seamless connectivity with essential business tools for enhanced marketing automation and customer experience management.

SEO Optimisation: No, ActiveCampaign does not directly provide SEO optimisation as its primary function is to manage and enhance customer experiences through features like email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and messaging. However, ActiveCampaign can complement SEO efforts indirectly through its range of features.

Free Trial: Yes, ActiveCampaign provides a 14-day free trial, allowing users to test the platform. The trial includes up to 100 contacts and 100 email sends, with features that match their paid offerings.

Pricing Plans: ActiveCampaign offers four plans for marketing: "Lite" at $29/month for newcomers and small groups; "Plus" at $49/month for small teams enhancing customer experiences; "Professional" at $149/month for teams refining marketing strategies; and "Enterprise," a customisable plan for larger teams scaling personalised marketing.

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4. Hoppy Copy

Hoppy Copy is an innovative AI content generator specialising in email marketing copywriting. Recognising copywriting's critical role in successful marketing, Hoppy Copy aims to simplify the process, enabling users to produce impactful marketing content effortlessly. SMEs in Singapore can adopt this AI copywriting software to generate compelling copy for various email marketing needs such as campaigns, drips, and newsletters and significantly reduce the time invested in writing.

Multi-Language Support: Yes, Hoppy Copy facilitates global reach, offering robust support for content creation in over 35 languages.

Integration: Yes, you can enhance your workflow with Hoppy Copy's extensive integration options, encompassing platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Shopify, WooCommerce, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot.

SEO Optimisation: No, Hoppy Copy, as a tool designed for email marketing copywriting, doesn't directly assist with SEO optimisation in the traditional sense. Its primary function is to aid users in generating content for email campaigns more efficiently.

Free Trial: Yes, Hoppy Copy provides a 7-day free trial upon signing up, with no charges during this period.

Pricing Plans: Hoppy Copy offers tailored solutions: "Starter" at $23 per month is ideal for solo entrepreneurs needing efficient email crafting; "Pro," their most popular plan at $39 per month, caters to small teams seeking enhanced productivity; "Pro +" at $79 per month targets expanding teams with customisable options available.

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5. Frase

Frase is a content creation platform that leverages automation and AI to help writers produce SEO-friendly, high-ranking articles efficiently. It provides data-driven insights for keyword optimisation, streamlining collaboration and progress tracking. The system's organisation tools facilitate efficient workflow management, while its advanced analytics draw from a range of online data sources to inform content strategy, ensuring the content produced is not only high-quality but also highly targeted and competitive in the digital space.

Multi-Language Support: Yes, Frase Content enhances optimisation across multiple languages, supporting seamless content creation in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Danish.

Integration: Yes, Frase enhances productivity through integrations and extensions, including a Google Docs Add-on, the Frase Summarizer Chrome Extension, Google Search Console, and WordPress, streamlining content creation and analysis.

SEO Optimisation: Yes, Frase aids SEO optimisation by generating SEO-focused content briefs, offering keyword guidance, analysing top-ranking content, and integrating with Google Search Console for performance insights.

Free Trial: Yes, Frase provides a 5-day trial at just $1, allowing users to explore its capabilities with the freedom to cancel at any time.

Pricing Plans: Frase presents flexible pricing plans: "Solo" for individuals at $14.99 per month, "Basic" for standard usage at $44.99 per month, and "Team" for collaborative work at $114.99 per month.

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6. GrowthBar

GrowthBar offers SMEs the power to craft Google-friendly content utilising its AI content generator, informed by extensive data and GPT-3 technology. It facilitates rapid blog creation, provides access to a vast array of keywords and backlinks, and allows for competitive insight into others' SEO strategies.

Multi-Language Support: Yes, GrowthBar offers broad language support, functioning in approximately 20 languages and extending its SEO capabilities across 25 countries.

Integration: Yes, GrowthBar offers integrations with key platforms including Google, Google Ads, Google Chrome, and Facebook Ads, streamlining SEO and advertising efforts across these essential services.

SEO Optimisation: Yes, GrowthBar optimises SEO through unlimited keyword research, keyword tracking across sites, and extensive competitor analysis, offering insights on keywords, backlinks, and Google Ads, plus bi-monthly keyword roadmaps.

Free Trial: Yes, you can access GrowthBar's comprehensive suite for a 7-day trial period.

Pricing Plans: GrowthBar presents three pricing plans: the "Standard" at $79 per month for regular users, "Pro" at $139 per month for advanced needs, and "Agency" at $249 per month for extensive SEO management.

  • Why should I get my marketing software solutions from Nara Solutions?
    Nara Solutions is a trusted provider of marketing software solutions for SMEs in Singapore. Recognising the diverse needs of SMEs, Nara Solutions curates a selection of top-tier digital marketing platforms, each carefully reviewed and recommended based on their robust capabilities, user-friendly interface, and proven results. By choosing Nara Solutions, you're not only saving valuable time and effort in researching and comparing different options, but also gaining access to some of the best digital marketing software Singapore has on the market. This means you can confidently focus on implementing your marketing strategies to drive your business growth. Whether you're looking for an email marketing tool like GMass, or AI writing tools like Writesonic and Scalenut, Nara Solutions has the marketing tool just for you!
  • What types of marketing software do SMEs in Singapore need?
    SMEs in Singapore require a wide spectrum of marketing software to effectively navigate the competitive digital landscape. From email marketing tools that automate communication and enhance customer engagement, project management software that ensures efficient collaboration and timely project completion, to content creation platforms powered by AI for producing engaging content, and landing page builders designed for optimised conversions – the choice of marketing software is diverse and depends on your specific business needs and goals. As such, it is recommended to opt for marketing software solutions in Singapore that offer a comprehensive range of tools tailored to support your business's growth.
  • How much do marketing software solutions cost?
    The cost of marketing software subscriptions, including the best ones, varies widely based on features, capabilities, and the service provider. Plans can range from $14.99/month (Frase's Solo) to $249/month (GrowthBar's Agency). The enhanced content quality, consistency, and productivity that AI writing contributes can make these costs a viable investment for many businesses in Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions about AI Writing Tools for SMEs

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