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Is Lifesight Worth It: Features,
Reviews & Pricing in Singapore

What is Lifesight, and how does it work?

Lifesight is a purpose-built customer data platform. It gives modern marketers the power to own their data and execute privacy-first marketing initiatives that help them optimise media spend & build customer loyalty in a single platform.

Their Connect feature enhances conversion tracking and operationalises customer data, providing unified customer profiles and predictive segmentation. You can seamlessly sync with major platforms like Meta, GA4, and TikTok for better matches and accurate data intelligence.


With their Engage feature, you can delight your customers through personalised omnichannel messaging, no-code automation, and thousands of pre-built templates. This ultimately leads to increased repeat purchases and improved customer experiences.


Measure the impact of your marketing efforts with precision using Lifesight’s Measure feature, which offers multi-touch attribution, customer journey mapping, marketing mix modelling software, and incrementality testing. Allocate budgets accurately, prove incremental marketing ROI, and gain insights into both online and offline channels.


Unlock the full potential of your customer data to optimise customer acquisition, boost customer retention and deliver exceptional customer experiences using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Book a demo with Lifesight today!

Don't have the time to read everything? We've summarised Lifesight's main capabilities for you!

  • Integrate data sources, unify consumer profiles & own data in one platform

  • Resolve anonymous identities, reach users across channels

  • Sync events for optimised ads, speed & revenue. Instantly sync segments for retargeting

  • Create designed campaigns or use proven templates

  • Choose automation or advanced workflows

  • Build customisable forms & pop-ups

  • Analyse marketing's effect on conversions, gain insights and intelligence

  • Optimise spending and drive sales with mix modelling

  • Run experiments, measure ad impact

  • Use reporting suite for data-driven decisions, flexibility, ROI

Book a Demo with Lifesight now!

What are the Key Features of Lifesight?

Lifesight's features are divided into three main categories - Connect, Engage & Measure. Together, they help you optimise customer acquisition, boost customer retention and deliver exceptional customer experiences using AI and automation.

The Connect feature helps marketers with the following:

1. Owning data and improving conversion tracking
2. Unifying customer profiles 
3. Predictively segmenting their audience 
4. Sync with leading platforms like Meta, GA4, TikTok, and more

This results in improved conversion rates, increased revenue from Email/SMS, and accurate data and intelligence across various platforms.

With Lifesight’s Engage feature, marketers can delight their customers with personalised omnichannel messaging:

1. Send personalised Email, SMS, etc.
2. Automate omnichannel experiences
3. Identify users with forms
4. Use 1000s of pre-built proven templates

It's fast, easy, no-code, and AI-powered, leading to increased repeat purchases, improved customer experiences, and a higher lifetime value.

Finally, Lifesight’s Measure feature optimises media spend with AI-powered marketing measurements. It offers:

1. Multi-touch attribution 
2. Customer journey mapping 
3. Marketing mix modelling 
4. Incrementality testing 

This allows marketers to allocate budgets accurately, spend with confidence, and prove incremental marketing ROI, even across online and offline channels.

Harness the power of Lifesight now!

Why should I use Lifesight?

In a rapidly evolving marketing landscape, Lifesight stands as a trusted partner, driving marketing excellence through privacy-first solutions. Their platform is capable of being your growth co-pilot, helping you navigate the complex world of customer data intelligence and marketing with confidence.

Hear from Lifesight's Customers

Don't just take our word for it – decide based on our customers’ reviews:

Lifesight Pricing Plan

Lifesight uses a custom pricing system for customers within and beyond Singapore. Get your quotation based on your company's needs!

  • Real-time data consolidation

  • Server-Side Tracking

  • User Identity Graph

  • Unified Customer Profiles

  • Super accurate conversion tracking

  • Real-time Event & Segment Sync

  • Built-in Privacy & Compliance

  • 100+ custom integrations

So, is Lifesight Really Worth it?


With the ever-changing market, intelligence gained from consumer data analysis has been increasingly crucial to all businesses. With Lifesight's comprehensive and powerful features, it is a prime choice of marketing software in Singapore and beyond for companies of all sizes, be it small, medium or even large enterprises. Lifesight has proven that they produce cost-efficient results and are constantly evolving, taking in feedback from their customers to further improve on their products.

This, together with custom pricing plans, are sure to meet your needs and leave you satisfied. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to scale your business to new heights. Speak to our team today or book a demo with Lifesight's team of experts to find out more!

What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions about Lifesight

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